The upcoming Dommo Business Park offers a wide range of premises sizes, which is important for business, and all of the infrastructure will be provided in the course of the development.

Some of the advantages of the Business Park are its proximity to the main traffic arteries, port and airport; it is also possible to get to the Dommo Business Park by bus and train (the Rīga-Jelgava line – the Baloži stop). By locating a production, warehouse or office complex within a mere 20 minute drive from the centre of Riga, you avoid the city crowds and, at the same time, are within easy reach of the capital.

Aiming to create a tidy and modern environment, the project involves not only adequately equipped premises but also new roads, parking lots, catering facilities, and a petrol station that are either already in place or will be built to render a proper service to both the customers and staff of the Business Park.