Invest in Dommo Industrial & Logistics Park

Industry experts: “Demand for warehouses is on the rise”

After retail stores from London to Warsaw had to shut down this spring to slow the spread of the coronavirus, massive fulfilment centres and logistics facilities turned into the hives of activity. They’ve become crucial in restructuring supply chains and adjusting to the changes in customer needs.  

This encouraged analysts to name industrial and logistics facilities as one of the safest commercial property types to invest. There are several driving forces behind the shift: 

  • Customer habits rapidly shifted to online shopping. Increased demand requires additional investments in e-fulfilment capabilities — according to Prologis, “e-commerce requires 3 times more the distribution space of traditional retail”. 
  • Retailers are increasing their “safety stocks” and positioning them in more diverse locations. Analysts forecast that “demand could be increasingly strong for temperature-controlled warehouse space to store food if consumers keep ordering groceries online”. 
  • “Last-mile distribution properties, especially the ones focused on essential goods and consumer staples, proved to be of crucial importance this spring “(Logistik). As companies are rethinking their distribution strategies, one of the priorities is reaching further geographically with their last-mile warehouses.
Real-Estate Firms Expect Coronavirus-Driven Shifts Will Spur Warehouse Demand

Latvia – a perfect location for industrial developments

One of the most promising investment destinations for potential growth in Europe after Poland is Baltics, offering perfect access to nearby markets (Poland, Nordics, Russia), developed road infrastructure, attractive business environment and a healthy economy.  

Latvia was the second-best OECD country after South Korea in how effective it was in managing the first wave of Covid-19, keeping the restrictions light and the economy running. This makes it one of the most stable European countries ready to support incoming investors. 

Dommo Logistics & Industrial Park is located just out of Latvian capital Riga. It has a great location, enough of territory for the developments of large logistics & industrial facilities (i.e., e-commerce fulfilment centre and/or hub for regional distribution) and everything in place to support a rapid start of operations. 

What we offer:

  • Location. In the Center of Baltics, Riga, Latvia 
  • Access. Just on the Crossroads of highway A8 and Riga ring-road A5. 
  • Size: 55 ha territory with the masterplan and built-in infrastructure.  
  • Volume:  up to 200,000 m2 built-up area of logistics and industrial facilities 
  • Speed: Complete the development and start operations in just 12-16 months. 
  • Offerings: land plots with infrastructure and/or built-to-suit solutions 
Logistics facilities in Latvia