Perfect for:


Location, direct access to A5/A8 motorways and built-in infrastructure makes DommoPark ideal for logistic operations, distribution centres and/or regional supply-chain hubs. DommoPark provides flexible options for developing tailored storage/warehouse/handling/distribution facilities, either through our built-to-suite solutions or by selling the available land plot in DommoPark.

  • In the centre of the Baltic States
  • Direct access to A5 and A8 motorways
  • on Riga’s ring road
  • Masterplan and built-in infrastructure
  • extension on demand possibility

eCommerce & Fulfillment centres

Traditional retail operations declining and being replaced by e-commerce which demands three times as much distribution space as regular retail.  Demand for larger warehouses has been increasing in recent year Recently, there has been a growing demand from occupiers for large stand-alone buildings over 40.000 m2.  DommoPark is the right choice for those who are looking for huge regional handling/distribution hub i.e. fulfillment center for Amazon or Alibaba.

  • In the centre of the Baltic States
  • Direct access to A5 and A8 motorways
  • on Riga’s ringroad
  • Masterplan and built-in infrastructure
  • extension on demand possibility


DommoPark welcomes heavy and light manufacturing, test/repair center R&D with built-in office spaces and warehousing.  On-site infrastructure, great access to an affordable labour resources from Olaine and Marupe municipalities in additional to Riga and master ready brings you an opportunity to start production in brand new facilities just in 12-18 months.

  • In the centre of the Baltic States
  • Direct access to A5 and A8 motorways
  • Masterplan ready for production and heavy industry
  • Great access to an affordable labour resources from Olaine and Marupe municipalities in additional to Riga.

DommoPark Riga may offer class A built-to-suite property of 2,500 – 50,000 m2 which meets all client’s needs and requirements for modern logistics, industrial, office or commercial property. Our inhouse property management team will afterwards make sure that a property is maintained following the highest quality standards.